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Insurance Claim Tips

Whether you're filing a small insurance claim or a large one, the process can quickly overwhelm. Use the tips below to survive your next insurance claim:

  • Complete a home inventory BEFORE you need one. It's much easier to document your belongings before a catastrophe strikes. Download our free home inventory software and document your belongings ASAP. Keep a copy in a safe, offsite location (or store it online). Should you suffer a catastrophic loss, this home inventory will save you countless hours and help tally up your losses.
  • Learn about your insurance policy. Again, doing this before a catastrophe strikes is ideal as you can correct any shortcomings as needed. If it's too late, you still need a solid understanding of your policy as it dictates exactly what is and what is not covered. 
  • Document everything. You can never have too many photos or too much proof. In addition to taking photos and video, keep detailed notes of all insurance claim-related conversations and tasks. If a storm caused the damage, keep copies of newspaper and weather reports.
  • Get organized. Buy a file box and folders or a large notebook with dividers. You'll soon accumulate a great deal of forms, notices, estimates, receipts, notes, instructions, and other papers related to your insurance claim. The more organized you are, the less stressful the process will be.
  • Learn about your responsibilities and rights. Did you know that it's YOUR responsibility to prove your insurance losses and not the insurance company's? That's right, the burden is all yours. Knowing this provides you with an important insight: your insurance adjuster is not obligated to find all of your insurance losses because that's not his or her responsibility; it's yours. In addition to learning your responsibilities, you should also learn about your rights as a consumer. Check with your state department of insurance to learn more.
  • Get professional insurance claim help. Public insurance adjusters are insurance claim professionals who serve policyholders, not insurance companies. Your insurance company has invested in talent to protect its finances -- shouldn't you do the same?

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