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Preparing for an Insurance Claim

Whether a major storm is headed your way or you're the type who wants to be as prepared as possible for any contingency, a few preparation steps now can make filing a future insurance claim much easier in the future. Use the following tips to prepare for an insurance claim.

  • Review your insurance coverage. Wouldn't you rather find out that you are underinsured before you suffer an insurance loss? Don't just renew your insurance policy each year; make sure to review it to ensure that you are adequately insured.
  • Conduct a complete home inventory. Download our free home inventory software and put it to good use. Once you've completed your home inventory, store a copy of it online or in a safe deposit box at your bank. Keep it current by updating it whenever you acquire or eliminate valuables.
  • Maintain your home. Insurance companies do not cover damage due to negligence, lack of maintenance, and wear and tear. Maintaining your home is your responsibility. While you're at it, keep records of everything you've done, keep all receipts, and document the work. This could later prove useful after a loss in proving the value and condition of your home at a particular point in time.
  • Get periodic roof inspections. If you live in an area prone to hail or wind storms, it's smart to have your roof inspected periodically. Having documentation verifying the pristine condition of your roof four months before the roof becomes damaged by hail stones could prove that the damage is new and not the result of years of neglect and wear and tear.
  • Build a relationship with a licensed public adjuster. Public adjusters are consumer advocates who help policyholders settle their insurance claims. We help keep insurance companies accountable to policyholders like you. Keep our name on file and call us if you ever need help with an insurance claim.

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